How livable is Portland for people with disabilities?


The city of Portland is circulating an online survey in an attempt to gauge how livable/accessible the city is for people with disabilities. The Portland Disability Advisory Committee, which held its first public forum earlier this month, is looking to get a baseline view for how the city stacks up in terms of its friendliness […]

Portland area food truck’s lobster roll named one of America’s best sandwiches

Bite Into Maine's signature lobster roll. (Chubby Werewolf photo courtesy of Bite Into Maine)

Last spring, I wrote about New York City’s upcoming Lobster Roll Rumble, an event organized every year by the trendsetting foodie news distributor Tasting Table. The Rumble perennially attracts the country’s best lobster roll makers, and Maine restaurants predictably have strong showings every year. These are lobster rolls we’re talking about, after all. Last year, […]