Cumberland County Civic Center bond gets strong voter support

With Portland voters leading the way, the $33 million bond to renovate the Cumberland County Civic Center seems destined for passage, although county-wide vote tallies are yet to be made official.

In Maine’s largest city, where the civic center is located, the bond was overwhelmingly backed. At the polls today, Portlanders supported the project by more than 2-to-1: 10,672 votes in favor and 5,238 against it, specifically. The Portland margin represents almost half of the overall margin.

Across the county, we’ve got about 58 percent supporting the bond and 42 percent against it. That’s greater than a 10,000-vote difference: 40,615 to 29,583.

Seth Koenig

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Seth has nearly a decade of professional journalism experience and writes about the greater Portland region.