City clerk says an unofficial winner will be named tonight

Portland City Clerk Kathy Jones just announced they’ll have unofficial results to announce at 8 p.m. She said the ballot review process will not continue on to include all of the nearly 20,000 votes cast and scanned into machines earlier today.

“We are confident and comfortable with the reviewing process we’ve seen so far,” Jones said. “We’ve seen 99.9 percent accuracy. At 8 o’clock we are going to do a preliminary tabulation.”

Caleb Kleppner of elections consultant TrueBallot said more than 1,000 ballots were reviewed. Click here to read about what that process has entailed, and check out back blog posts on what’s taken place so far.

Kleppner said the official winner will not be certified until tomorrow, when the ballot review process will continue on to cover the remaining 19,000 someodd ballots. But he said based on the “extraordinary” accuracy reviewers have seen thus far today, he doesn’t believe the additional review work tomorrow will alter the results announced today.

Seth Koenig

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