How many ballots will ballot reviewers review?

Earlier today, City Clerk Kathy Jones said elections officials will be reviewing all individual ballots cast to ensure the computers they’re using to count the votes are reading them correctly.

Later in the afternoon, Nick¬†Koumoutseas of elections consultant TrueBallot said they likely wouldn’t be doing each and every one – with the idea that checking out each ballot would take hours and hours.

Just a moment ago, Jones got back up and confirmed they do, indeed, plan to review every individual ballot.

Stay tuned.

Read back blog posts for updates on what this process entails and whereabouts we are in that process. The population has grown here in the State of Maine Room at City Hall, with mayoral candidates Ethan Strimling, David Marshall and Peter Bryant among those to file in over the past 20 minutes or so. Others include city councilors Cheryl Leeman and Dory Waxman, the latter of whom’s council term is ending this year. It’s Waxman’s seat that’s being utilized to make room on the council for the new popularly elected mayor.

Nobody is willing to say it out loud, but it could be Thursday before we have a mayor here.

Seth Koenig

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