Portland council to stream meetings live online

The Portland City Council is joining most of your favorite radio stations and sporting events, and streaming its meetings live on the Internet starting this month.

According to a city announcement this morning, the council’s regular meetings can be followed as they happen on the website http://townhallstreams.com/locations/portland-me.

Here’s a couple of paragraphs from the city about the new way to follow municipal business:

The meetings will be available live as well as via Video On Demand on the Community Television Network 5’s (CTN 5) website, http://ctn5.org/, at the start of the New Year. Wednesday’s City Council meeting was the first broadcast by CTN 5.

This service has been made possible thanks to the commitment and partnership between the city and CTN 5 to expand the public’s access to local government. City Council meetings are also broadcast live on Channels 2 and 5. For more information about the programming of CTN 5, visit their website at http://ctn5.org/.








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