OccupyMaine makes its legal case; court filings posted here

OccupyMaine attorney John Branson provided the press with copies of what he filed on the group’s behalf today in Cumberland County Superior Court. The demonstrators believe the city of Portland’s efforts to remove them from Lincoln Park, where they’ve had a tent community set up since early October, are unconstitutional.

The City Council voted on Dec. 7 by an 8-1 margin to deny the group’s petition request to be allowed to stay in the park for at least another six months. Branson aims to prove in court that OccupyMaine’s encampment is protected by state and federal constitutions.

He filed a lawsuit against the city Monday morning, meeting a city ultimatum to take the case to court or clear out of Lincoln Park.

Here are the latest filings:

For easily viewed copies of other correspondences between the city and OccupyMaine, click on this blog post and this blog post.

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