Christmas baby born on the way to the hospital

Here’s an uplifting holiday story from WCSH 6’s Newscenter crew: New Gloucester’s Spencer family received a very special Christmas gift, although it didn’t arrive by Santa’s sleigh. This present was delivered in a Nissan Sentra.

Joleen Spencer gave birth to her fourth child, Coralie Rose, in her husband’s new car on the way to the hospital in the early morning hours Sunday, at a time when otherwise not a creature was stirring — not even a mouse. Around 3 a.m., to be more specific.

Spencer, who had prayed for a quick delivery, luckily came equipped with MacGyver-like childbirth supplies, like shoestring to tie off the umbilical cord.

Click here for the video and the rest of the details, as reported by WCSH’s Jackie Ward.

Seth Koenig

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