Moustache Film Festival gains international attention

Last month I wrote about how a team of moustached Mainers is plotting the first International Moustache Film Festival, to take place on March 30 at Port City Music Hall as a kick-off to their annual ‘Stache Pag’ (short for “moustache pageant”).

Well, either the novelty of the idea or a powerful groundswell of nostalgia for Rollie Fingers has swept the upcoming Portland event into the wide world of big time entertainment news.

Since my piece a few weeks back, stories have run about the film festival all over the globe — including an appearance this week in Entertainment Weekly.

Nick Callanan, head of the Portland-based No Umbrella Media and organizer of the event, said this to Entertainment Weekly:

The response has been pretty incredible. We’ve already gotten submissions from three continents, and the open call has only been ongoing for a few weeks. We’ve seen a good response so far — Norway, The Netherlands, Mexico, California.

Callanan may need to block off more than his original estimate of 90 minutes for the slate of films, which are to be eight minutes or less in length and must feature moustache wearers. For those who didn’t catch my original story on the topic, proceeds from the film festival will benefit Northeast Historic Film, Mystache Fights Cancer and the nonprofit arts group MENSK.

Here’s another snippet from my story to help folks catch up:

The best film of the bunch will earn a $100 cash prize, with other trophies to go to films named Best Stache Growth Story, Best Stache Shaving Story, Best Moustache Death Relationship Story, Best Fake Moustache Movie and Best Collection of Moustaches in One Film, among other accolades.

Callanan said organizers are working out the details to take the film collection “on the road” for exhibitions in other venues in Maine as well.

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