Portland “Cash Mob” aftermath, video and next month’s mob

Local Thunder and its website gr8PortlandME on Friday put out a really well-produced video from their first ever “Cash Mob,” which BDN Business Editor Matt Wickenheiser previewed on his blog and I covered with a story on Thursday night.

I saw the Local Thunder fellow shooting video, and I wish I had gotten his name. It’s a well-done piece — if you’re reading this, Local Thunder video guy, great work. Readers, check it out for yourself:

The video, as well as the two stories linked to above explain everything pretty well, so I won’t spend much time rehashing here.

What I will add is that, while I definitely got the impression that Thursday night’s Cash Mob was intended to be the first in several such “Random Acts of Local Commerce,” I didn’t realize they were going to be so regular as monthly. One Local Thunder rep in the video talks about his excitement for next month’s mob, and every monthly mob thereafter.

So if you missed Thursday’s burst of local shopping, follow-up social hour and overall party atmosphere, you won’t have to wait long for another chance to join in the fun.

Seth Koenig

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