Is Portland High haunted? ‘Ghost Hunters’ affiliates and teens plan investigation

Portland High School was the third public high school founded in America when its doors opened in 1821, and today it’s the second-oldest still standing. There must be some ghosts in there somewhere.

Students of PHS’ sister school, the Portland Arts & Technology High School, hope to find out Friday night. According to a district announcement, students from the PATHS new media program will conduct an overnight investigation to find out what goes bump in the night in the home of the Bulldogs.

A contingent from the program tried searching the school two years ago, but the district described the trip as yielding “mixed results.” This time, the Portland teens are bringing in reinforcements, though. Helping with the investigation will be the Maine Paranormal Society, a recognized affiliate of The Atlantic Paranormal Society, more famously known by its acronym TAPS from the popular SyFy Channel show “Ghost Hunters.”

And the MPS crew is enthusiastic about the opportunity. Here’s how society co-founder Jason Steele described the upcoming event in a statement released by the district:

We’ve always wanted to investigate Portland High School. The school’s long history, combined with many stories of paranormal activity, makes it a natural location for us. The fact that we get to work with the new media students is an added benefit. We’re training the next generation of ghost hunters.

The expected hot spots, and focus points for the investigation, will be the school’s auditorium, music room, art rooms and library. The team will start videotaping outside the facility at 7:30 p.m., begin setting up equipment inside at 9 p.m. for an investigation start time of 11 p.m., and plan on finishing up around 3 a.m.

Some of the students involved will be collecting footage for a television program about the ghost hunt, to be edited and aired on Portland’s community access and local education stations, Channel 5 and TV3.

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