The next Portland ‘Cash Mob’ is tonight

Last month, BDN Business Editor Matt Wickenheiser and I each wrote about Portland’s first “Cash Mob,” an effort to rally enthusiasm for local shopping by calling participants to a central spot with $20 bills, then give out a surprise “victim,” a store chosen to get mobbed by business.

Last month's Cash Mob in Monument Square. (BDN file photo by Seth Koenig)

Cash Mob No. 1 in Portland, part of a nationwide trend that started — I believe — in Cleveland, attracted about 50 people and infused Longfellow Books with a March day of sales the likes of which the local owner had never seen before.

This month — today, in fact — organizers from Local Thunder are doing it again.

To take part, gather in Tommy’s Park around 5:30 p.m. with your $20 bill. There, group leaders will explain what’s going on and direct everybody to a new store to mob.

Seth Koenig

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