Bridge work, long traffic delays, in Westbrook to continue

Here’s something that’s come in from the Maine Department of Transportation today. Drivers who have been using this route are probably already aware of the routine, but just in case you were hoping the commute would be flowing normally sooner rather than later, here’s a splash of cold water:

Underground utility work that began on April 6th at the Cumberland Street Bridge in Westbrook will continue until June 22nd. Long delays are expected through the area. There are lane closures at night and traffic shifts during the daytime hours, so drivers should consider traveling the mandatory truck detour route beginning and ending at the intersections of Bridge Street and Cumberland Street, as well as Warren Avenue and Main Street. (Route 25). This alternate route will be in effect until the completion of the bridge construction, scheduled for November of 2013.

Variable message boards will help remind motorists of the project, as well as help guide them through the construction area.

Seth Koenig

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