Portland Cash Mobs still going strong (video)

One might have assumed that after the first Portland Cash Mob, in which organizers called together “buy local” enthusiasts to concentrate their shopping on one lucky store in a pre-scheduled frenzy, attendance at such events would peter out.

(For background, click here, here, here and here.)

One would have been wrong.

Old Port Card Works (www.gr8portlandME.com)

Organizers from Local Thunder reported today that last night’s Cash Mob, the group’s third, drew about 60 attendees and blasted Old Port Card Works with $1,000 in purchases in about 45 minutes. As today’s announcement points out, “That is very impressive for a store whose average price point is $5.”

So these things are holding strong. Mark your calendars: June 21 is the next Cash Mob, with a meeting place of the corner of Newbury and India streets at 5:30 p.m. As always, the to-be-mobbed store will be announced at the site.

Local Thunder reports in its announcement that representatives of mobbed businesses have paid forward the kindness by participating in and promoting upcoming mobs, and that “the social connections being made by people meeting for the first time or reconnecting after years is amazing.”

For those of you who want a better of idea what a Cash Mob is like, check out this video of the April mob of Lisa-Marie’s Made in Maine, done by the skilled production team at Snailfish:

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