BDN reaches out to foodies at the Maine Mall

There are a lot of you here in southern Maine who would characterize yourselves as “foodies,” or if you’ve grown tired of the trendy vernacular surrounding the skyrocketing and widespread public interest in eating locally grown foods or at creative local restaurants, you might admit you’ve taken a renewed interest in area farms and chefs.

Well, timed roughly to coincide with the introduction of a farmers market at the Maine Mall, we at the BDN decided to reach out to foodies passing through the place.

Among our vast network of bloggers here are some real champions in the world of farming and cooking. Check out Taste Buds by Sandy Oliver, Stop Thinking and Cook by Linda Trenholm, What’s Cookin’ in the County by Emma Schultz, Gardening in Tune with Nature by Reeser Manley, BDN arts & entertainment maven Emily Burnham’s regular Foodie Files installlments as well as many other pages of interest on our dedicated Food website.

We really have a tremendous wealth of information for folks interested in getting their hands on local food, trying the best of local chefs or learning how to prepare tasty meals in their own kitchens.

Our new stand at the Maine Mall highlights those things, as well as how to enter our recipe contest, how to follow us on Pinterest (another day, another social media page we have to keep up with), and how to sign up for our email newsletters (at least one of which is a cooking oriented newsletter).

So next time you’re going through the mall to get a ring cleaned at Hannoush Jewelers, pick up a Slipknot hoodie at Hot Topic, or stuff a teddy at Build-A-Bear Workshop, give our stand a look and grab a flier.

Seth Koenig

About Seth Koenig

Seth has nearly a decade of professional journalism experience and writes about the greater Portland region.