“Dr. Who” writer, TV producer catches on to Portland man’s viral video

Beth Brogan of The Times Record gets credit for pointing this one out to me — thanks, Beth! Most of you out there have already seen the time-warping viral video by Portland filmmaker and actor Jeremiah McDonald, who by the magic of modern editing, depicted himself carrying on a conversation with a 12-year-old version of, well, himself.

In the video, the younger McDonald asks the now 32-year-old McDonald if he’s still into Dr. Who — and the current McDonald glances off-camera to a big collection of Dr. Who merchandise, then turns back to the younger version of himself and bravely lies, “No.”

Well the whole time traveling interview caught the attention of Steven Moffat, writer and executive producer for the updated hit BBC TV series “Dr. Who.”

An endorsement by Moffat — who on Saturday Tweeted the video link, along with “Trust me – go here” to his nearly 338,000 Twitter followers — must be the ultimate compliment for the once and current Dr. Who fan (according to the video, anyway) McDonald.

“Dr. Who,” for those out of the loop, is a science fiction television show that has run on the BBC for 32 years, in total — the last seven or so representing an updated take on the series revived by the creative talents of Moffat. The show follows a humanoid, time-and-space-bending alien known as “the Doctor” as he solves problems, rights wrongs and saves civilizations all over history and the galaxy.

Maybe in the next episode, he can prevent McDonald’s dog, Molly, from chewing up his Star Wars action figure…

Seth Koenig

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