St. Joe’s gets recycling grant from the Coca-Cola Foundation

St. Joseph’s College announced recently the Standish-based school has been awarded a Coca-Cola Foundation grant representing 32 new recycling bins to be placed around campus, both in new places and in current places where the demand outpaces the present bins available.

College sustainability coordinator Jeanne Gulnick said in a school announcement that she feels the extra bins will help revive campus-wide recycling efforts that have “plateaued” in recent years. She’s going to organize students and faculty members to help launch a new recycling initiative at the school, complete with informational events and educational programs around the effort. Here’s her statement on the matter:

It is our plan to use these bins, along with a comprehensive campus-wide education and signage campaign, to take the recycling program at Saint Joseph’s College to a new level. We feel strongly that teaching stewardship values is an important part of the education and mission of Saint Joseph’s College.

Seth Koenig

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