Send me your pics from the Gentlemen of the Road festival and the afterparties

Seth and the City… er, Seth and the Moustache.

(Executive summary: Send me pictures from your time at the Gentlemen of the Road Festival or from one of the many afterparties tonight, and I’ll post the best ones here. My e-mail address is — and if you’re reading this on a smartphone, you should be able to just touch that address and load up a pic to send. Now, for the longer worded version…)

The common theme on the Eastern Promenade right now is: Moustaches. Curly ones, like the old Rollie Fingers-style facial hair, and which are prominently displayed on the gentleman logo used in Mumford & Sons’ Gentlemen of the Road Festival decorations.

In addition to that gentleman face emblem that can be seen all over the place, many concert goers are getting into the fun by wearing fake moustaches or, like me in the picture above, putting on sticky promotional ones.

I saw a group of four or five women, all presumably in their 20s and otherwise dressed the part, wearing stylish black faux moustaches just inside the gate at the Eastern Prom concert site.

The folks at CIEE, an organization that connects international exchange students with host families, handed out cards with moustache stickers on them (like the one I’ve got above), urging concert goers to take pictures with their silly ‘staches and send them to to be posted online there and shared with others. And also to consider hosting an exchange student.

I thought, “Hey, now there’s an idea!”

So I’ll tack on. Send me pictures from your night at the Gentlemen of the Road Festival — as well as afterparty events throughout the city, many of which are scheduled to feature appearances by the bands on the festival docket — and I’ll post the best of the lot here on my blog.

If they happen to include funny moustaches, all the better — I’ll even reroute those moustache pics to the folks over at CIEE for double exposure.

I know it’s getting into evening time, and I won’t take it personally if you don’t see this until later. But send me what you’ve got when you can, and I’ll post the best ones, assuming I get some. Let’s give it a try.

Here again is my email address — — so get goofy and get sending, and stay tuned to see yourself posted on here.

Update (4:57 p.m.): Here’s the first pic I got sent my way, through Twitter ( @SethKoenig ) by Mike Sullivan. Thanks Mike! More later and, potentially, in a separate post gallery.

Update (Aug. 5, 12:04 a.m.): See all the pics sent in so far by clicking here.

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