GM police car recall doesn’t affect Portland

Earlier this week, we ran a story about how General Motors is recalling 38,000 Chevy Impala police cars. According to the AP, Impala police cruisers from model year 2008 through 2012 were found to have a weakness in their front suspension making that part of the cars susceptible to cracking and — as a result, crashing.

I can’t say as though I remember seeing any Impala model cars carrying the designs of the Portland Police Department, but you never know. Sometimes police forces transition through different models over time, and you don’t always see every car in the fleet in everyday travels.

So I asked city spokeswoman Nicole Clegg if the GM recall will affect any of the Portland department’s cars. The short answer is that it does not. Portland’s fleet of cruisers does not include any Impalas.

So if you were wondering, as I was, there’s your answer.

Seth Koenig

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