More from Shannon Selig: Music video, original music and her (hopefully) forthcoming album

There’s a lot to say about Shannon Selig, an up-and-coming country music singer from North Yarmouth who I wrote about today pushing a strong anti-bullying message through her song “Show Me The Light.” That story should be available on the BDN main page shortly — maybe it’s been posted already, depending on when you’re reading this.

Shannon Selig at Pat’s Pizza in Portland, Friday, Nov. 23, 2012. (BDN photo by Seth Koenig)

First and perhaps foremost, she’s working with award-winning producer Alan Schulman on an album she hopes to release in February of 2013, but as is so often the case in the modern-day music industry, she’s working really hard for the opportunity. Selig is trying to raise $18,000 for the album through the online fundraising site Kickstarter. She’s almost halfway there with just less than $8,000 raised at the time I’m writing this — around 3 p.m. on Nov. 23 — and she’s got 22 days to go.

Click here to get to her Kickstarter site and donate money if you liked what you heard at Pat’s Pizza this afternoon. Donations of various amounts will earn you prizes like downloads of her new CD when it comes out, signed memorabilia, T-shirts and the like.

In my original story, I included a video clip of Selig performing “Show Me The Light.”

Selig, who hailed from North Yarmouth before moving to Nashville to pursue her dream, didn’t need any fancy studio effects to keep her voice on pitch at Pat’s Pizza. But if you’re the sort who likes the studio versions, here’s a more produced rendition of “Show Me The Light” in her music video, made in Boston.

If you want to hear something else in her repertoire, here’s a music video for “Break Me” and a live version of “I Just Wanna Flirt” recorded in Bath last summer. (And if you’re reading this early enough on Friday, Nov. 23, you can still make a break for Buck’s Naked BBQ in Freeport, where Selig and her band are playing from 9 p.m. until midnight before heading back out on the road again.)

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