Mayor Brennan to field questions from the public in new monthly call-in show

Tonight at 7 p.m. on Portland’s Community Television Network, Mayor Michael Brennan will field questions from the public in a new call-in show. Joining him on the air live will be Pamela Plumb, chairwoman of the Portland Charter Commission, the group that recommended the restoration of the publicly elected mayor position in the first place.

Portland Mayor Michael Brennan (BDN file photo by Robert Bukaty)

With Plumb, Brennan plans to talk about the vision for the new mayor position, what he’s got on the horizon in the coming year and what challenges he’s faced. (Here’s a story I wrote recently about the same topic, for background.)

He’ll update viewers on or around the first Thursday of each coming month, as well. The live call-in shows will be aired on Portland’s Channel 5, or — once it’s been recorded — on the channel’s website at (Of course, if you’re watching the recorded version through the website, you can no longer call in live.)

That number, if you want to ask Mayor Brennan something during tonight’s 7 p.m. program, is 775-1313.

Here’s what the mayor said about the new show in a statement released today:

I am looking forward to tonight’s conversation and hearing from the public. Since my inauguration, I have been mindful of the vision the Charter Commission had when they created this position and now a year into my term, I am excited to talk about how the idea in concept has translated into my day-to-day effort to improve quality of life in the city.

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