Cartoonist caricatures Zumba trial participants

Channing Reeves, a cartoonist from Scarborough, has given the participants in the ongoing and high profile trial of Mark Strong new, somewhat exaggerated looks.

Reeves, who in the past has done political cartoons and event caricatures, came to the York County Court House this week to make drawings of the goings-on of the case, which remained stuck in laborious jury selection proceedings on Wednesday morning (Day 2 of the process so far).

Reeves, who signs his art with just his first name “Channing,” said he invites himself into court cases involving what he referred to as “foibles or mistaken identities.” And he hears about the cases the same way anybody else does: “It’s in the paper and I read about — that’s all.”

BDN photo by Seth Koenig

With little actual court action open to the public and available to draw thus far (jury selection has been going on behind closed doors, which has brought contention as you can read about here), Channing has been left to dream up his own drama in the drawings.

In one, he drew Defense Attorney Daniel Lilley arguing before the court that sexually explicit video evidence that may be used against Strong is just a hologram.

When Lilley emerged from the judge’s chambers a few moments later after a conference, Channing reached over the railing and gave the attorney the “hologram” cartoon. Lilley was hesitant, but took the gift and placed it out of sight near a briefcase his team had brought into the courtroom.

Channing also drew Strong, who is accused of helping run a prostitution business in Kennebunk alongside fitness instructor Alexis Wright, and Lilley’s fellow defense attorney Tina Nadeau, as well as some media representatives in attendance.

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