Maine sunsets light up the Twitterverse

If you were on Twitter tonight — or still are — you’re seeing a lot of really amazing sunsets being posted (nay, Tweeted). I figured I’d collect a handful and post them in a gallery here for one-stop shopping.

Some quotes from the 140-character soapbox:

  • @themutewaitress : The sky was breathtaking tonight. Can’t remember the last time I stopped what I was doing to go stand on the front porch & see.
  • @scoutkat : the entire sky was glowing
  • @AndreaBrand : The sunset is absolutely amazing tonight 🙂 What a show it is putting on. Sebasco, Malaga Island, Phippsburg, Maine
  • @mammamia93 : It’s safe to say Maine has the prettiest sunsets from what I’m seeing on Instagram. Only us Mainers are putting up the sunset pics.
  • @missbumptious : Is everyone everywhere having amazing sunsets tonight? Seems that way. #TheRapture #ThisIsTheEnd #ILoveYouAll #YeahEvenYou

And the views…

Seth Koenig

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