Robin Ivy, the last original DJ at Portland alt rock station WCYY, is leaving

If you’re a Portlander in that sought-after 18-to-34-year-old age demographic (and, frankly, even if you’re in the next demographic up, age-wise), you’re probably familiar with Robin’s Zodiac Zone.

The astrological forecasts have been a staple of Robin Ivy’s morning broadcasts on Portland’s most durable alternative rock radio station, WCYY 94.3 FM, since she took over the highly competitive a.m. timeslot about 13 years ago. Those of us who have been listening to ‘CYY longer than that (I distinctly remember thinking, “Finally! A radio station that’s going to play Pearl Jam and Soundgarden!”) know she’s been on the air there in one capacity or another since it launched in its current format in 1995.

Now, according to a post last week on Robin’s blog, she’s planning to leave Portland radio and move to Florida. Her final day, which she wrote would be on Friday, marks the end of an era of sorts for WCYY. Ivy accurately describes herself in her recent blog post as the “last original D.J. in the lineup” at a station that was the first in Portland to cater to 1990s youth, and many of us in this market have grown up listening to her as a result.

Robin explains the complexity of why she’s leaving WCYY better than I could, but a very abbreviated version is that she’s rekindling her relationship with former husband Jared Payton — a well-known former WCYY D.J. in his own right — and following him to Tampa, where he’s moving for professional reasons. There, she plans to pursue work as a yoga instructor and wrote that she has many promising leads already.

Ivy continues on to write in her post that she plans to continue her Zodiac Zone segments from afar and they will still likely be aired on WCYY and sister station WHOM after her departure, so locals thankfully won’t soon forget what her voice sounded like.

In her post, Robin wrote the following:

July 28, 1995 to August 2, 2013 at WCYY. That’s a pretty good run. I’ll take it.

I intend my personal relationship to last longer. Jared just had his birthday and I promised another 42 years with first right of renewal at that time.
I cannot thank all of you enough for the morning show years. Like everyone else I have had periods of time when I didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning, including some weeks this winter, but I knew you were there waiting. …
On my toughest days, I took my own problems out of the equation and gave you my best readings ever. You never knew it. You were my rock and my grounding, and so was our music.  When I felt like not everything was on my side, I knew you always were. Honest.
I encourage you to do the same. When times are hardest, find a way to help or give to other people. It will pull you right back. If not immediately, then with time and practice. Fall in love with giving your skills, talents, and the best of yourself. Try it.
Seth Koenig

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