Portland city manager gets a ‘rather modest’ pay raise

Portland City Manager Mark Rees was awarded a increase Monday night from the City Council. A unanimous council tacked 1 percent onto Rees’ previous salary of about $145,000.

Portland City Manager Mark Rees alongside Mayor Michael Brennan in this 2012 file photo. (BDN photo by Seth Koenig)

I believe Rees has received one other raise since he took the job in 2011, of 1.5 percent in late 2012.

The increase he was given on Monday night was retroactive to the beginning of the current fiscal year, July 1, which attracted a question by a member of the public, Robert Hains of Holm Avenue.

Hains asked why it took so long to approve a salary bump that should have gone into effect almost four months ago.

Councilor Cheryl Leeman, head of the council’s nominating committee, said they will aim to have next year’s raise — assuming there is one — passed in concert with the annual budget and implemented on time on July 1 with the rest of the city spending changes.

Here’s what she said about it:

We’re still making improvements in the process with regards to doing the evaluations. We keep honing it, and it’s getting better.

Other than that, Hains, who was the only member of the public to speak on the issue, said he liked the pay increase and that it “set a good tone” for contract negotiations with other city employees.

Said Hains:

One percent is a rather modest increase, and it’s good to see the highly paid city manager leading with a modest increase.


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