Ink & Pine podcast (now on iTunes): Sea level rise and Portland

Last week, I had a story about a study (commissioned by the Portland Society for Architecture and performed by Catalysis Adaptation Partners) showing that by 2050, properties along Portland’s Commercial Street would see about $33 million in damage due to sea level rise flooding.

That number goes up as the sea continues to rise all the way through 2100, according to the Catalysis report, which uses sea level expectations from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for reaching its results.

This week on our Ink & Pine podcast, we (we being Maine Digital Press Founder Dan Bodoff, The Forecaster’s Dylan Martin and myself, in case you haven’t heard our previous podcasts) are joined by Alan Kuniholm of the Portland Society for Architecture to talk at greater length about that report and an upcoming symposium his organization is leading here in Portland to talk about the issue of sea level rise.

It was interesting to hear Alan discuss how architects are having to have frank conversations with clients even today about proposed projects in low-lying areas, and what kinds of changes residents and business owners already in those sections of the city may want to think about now — not in 2050 or 2100. Click here to listen.

Ink & Pine is a way for the BDN family of media partners to dig into important issues facing Greater Portland with subject matter experts in a format that may be more accessible for busy people on the run. As I’ve said in past weeks, it’s hard (or dangerous) to read the BDN website on a treadmill or driving in a car, but downloading and listening to this podcast on your Friday or Saturday run/commute will keep you informed without having to break your routine.

Now I’m happy to announce that Ink & Pine can be found on iTunes as well, making it even more convenient to folks who are accustomed to getting their podcasts and music that way. Click here to see all of our episodes thus far — shows about a proposed marijuana legalization referendum in Portland and South Portland’s proposed Waterfront Protection Ordinance should be of great interest as votes on those topics are coming right up.

And as I say every week, if you want to digest all aspects of Portland culture while on your treadmill or in your car, think about some of Maine Digital Press‘ other podcasts as well — Dan has enough programming to keep your workouts and commutes informative and entertaining all week, including shows about local music, pop culture and food.

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