This unrelenting snow is spurring a rash of snowblower thefts in Portland

What’s worse than getting hit with a snowstorm every other day?

(Troy R. Bennett photo)

(Troy R. Bennett photo)

Discovering your snowblower has been swiped after getting hit with another snowstorm.

On Tuesday, as the white stuff was beginning to fly — again — the Portland Police Department posted this warning on its Facebook page:

There have been four (4) snowblower thefts in the Deering area over the past week. The suspect vehicle is believed to be [in] a pickup truck. All snowblowers have been left outside or were visible from the roadway. Please secure these items if possible. Also, please record the make, model, and serial number of your property.

If I knew nothing else about these crime scenes, I’d also reach the assumption that a pickup truck was involved, realizing that snowblowers weigh hundreds of pounds each (although the police probably have more evidence to go on than that). Can you imagine somebody fleeing down the sidewalk behind one of those things at the speeds they creep along?

Lt. James Sweatt told me this afternoon police suspect the snowblowers are being sold on a secondary market.

“It it was just one or two cases, it could be a guy who needed a snowblower and went out and got one,” he said. “But when there are four or five [stolen], there’s something more going on.”

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