Portland woman leaves jackets on street lights — for anyone who needs one

FB jackets

Tip of the hat here to Grady Trimble, an enterprising reporter for Portland’s NBC television affiliate, WCSH 6, who came across some street lights wearing jackets and posted images to his Facebook page.

As you can see from the signs attached to the jackets, it quickly became apparent that the placement of the jackets was no accident.

Trimble subsequently reported that Portland woman Gabby Kaper was the one behind the jackets. She told him she spent $5 to pick up five jackets at Goodwill, put them on five light posts around the city with the signs and hopes the act inspires others to do the same.

Kaper reportedly said she saw a man in need take one of the jackets as soon as she returned to her car.

“People are homeless, people are cold,” she wrote about the idea, according to WCSH. “$5 to make five people less freezing, $5 to make someone sleep a little better tonight, $5 may be very little to me but very important to another. I encourage everyone to give this a try this season.”

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