Police ask ‘Facebook Detectives’ for help finding owner of lost GoPro camera


Are you one of the people in the photograph above?

If so, you’ve probably lost a GoPro camera in Portland.

Portland police posted on Facebook that one of the popular digital cameras was turned in to the department, which released three of the camera’s photos (with faces obscured in an effort to protect the owner’s privacy) in hopes of finding out who it belongs to.

The post calls for “Facebook Detectives” to help with “another challenge,” reading, in part:

“A good Samaritan found [the camera] in the woods at Evergreen Cemetery. It appears that the male in each of these images is the owner. There are many photos and videos we bet he would love to have (nothing bad….). …

It seems as though the owner is local. If this is your camera, please call Portland PD at 207-874-8582 to claim it. Please reference case number 16-1141.”

The police also apparently have a good-natured in-house bet on when the owner will step forward.

GoPro cameras are small, durable and portable, and have become popular in recent years by amateur videographers seeking to get first-person adventure footage, by attaching the cameras to helmets, mountain bikes, surf boards or other things.

Below are the other two photos the department released:

UPDATE: The Portland Police Department posted on Facebook on Feb. 19 that the owner of the camera was identified and reunited with his GoPro.

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