What to eat and drink in Portland, according to Anna Kendrick

If you subscribe to the Portland edition of the food-and-culture e-newsletter “Eat Drink Lucky,” you saw this morning that today’s recommendations for what to do in Maine’s largest city came from none other than Hollywood A-lister and Deering High School grad Anna Kendrick.

The newsletter offers quick, rapid-fire suggestions for good places in the city to, well, eat, drink and recreate.

Where does a platinum-selling singer and Academy Award nominee think people should grab a bite in Portland? Pat’s Pizza, it turns out.

“I grew up going there with my family and when I asked my brother about it recently he said it was still open,” Kendrick wrote about the low-key establishment. “Now I know where I’m eating the next time I come home.”

There’s a Pat’s on Market Street in the Old Port, of course, as well as in 14 other locations throughout Maine.

For drink, the star actress and social media powerhouse recommended grabbing a bottle of Allagash Curieux, a critically acclaimed beer she said she’s “always excited” to find on menus in her adopted home of Los Angeles.

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And finally, under the third category — which the newsletter titles “Lucky” — Kendrick suggests visiting the historic Victoria Mansion, the ornate brownstone National Historic Landmark built in 1860 on Danforth Street.

Kendrick wrote that she visited the attraction the last time she visited Maine.

“I hadn’t been there since I was little and I got to really appreciate the craftsmanship this time,” she wrote. “One of my favorite things about Maine is that it’s this small scale community that isn’t lacking at all in culture.”

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