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The case for tax breaks: How a 20-year-old brewery deal turned $12,000 in annual property tax revenue into $300,000

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Fred Forsley is best known as the co-founder of Shipyard Brewing Co., the largest and most widely recognized player in Maine’s now exploding craft beer industry. Shipyard is now the 15th largest microbrewery in America, producing 80,000-plus barrels of ale every year. But in the early 1990s, it was an ambitious startup beginning to experience […]

Portland area named one of America’s top 10 places for women entrepreneurs


San Francisco-based personal finance site released its list of the best places in America for women entrepreneurs, and eight out of the top 10 were in the Midwest or West Coast. East of Minneapolis, the only places to make the list were Portland-South Portland, Maine, and Bridgeport, Connecticut. The Portland-South Portland metro area was […]

Minimum wage, national chains and the next mayor: What a survey of local business owners tells us about Portland

Portland's Commercial Street. (BDN photo by Seth Koenig)

Portland Buy Local, an collaborative organization made up of locally owned Portland businesses, recently surveyed its members to gauge sentiment in that community on a range of topics. And the results, released today, are very interesting. One hundred and three businesses took the survey, more than half of which were retail or restaurant/hospitality businesses. Here’s […]