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City grapples with tenant rights after ‘unprecedented’ mass eviction

Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling (BDN photo by Troy R. Bennett)

City officials have bought tenants affected by a mass eviction in the Parkside neighborhood more time to find new housing. But with a well-publicized housing shortage continuing to nag Portland, the clock is ticking for those same city officials to come up with a plan to avoid future crises like this one. In a news conference at […]

New leadership credited with overcoming impasse on long-stalled firefighter contract

Portland Fire Chief David Jackson (BDN file photo by Seth Koenig)

Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling and City Councilor Belinda Ray trumpeted the role of new leadership Friday afternoon in the announcement that the local firefighters’ union has agreed to a contract with the city. The deal is newsworthy, in part, because the previous contract expired more than two years ago, and talks between city negotiators and […]