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#CongressStCat: Social media follows rescue of cat stuck on Portland building ledge

A Portland firefighter stands by as a cat rescued from a Time & Temperature Building ledge is reunited with its owner. (Photo by Jim McCarthy)

Nothing thrives on social media like a cat. This is what happens when old fashioned, small-town-type news intersects with 21st century news distribution methods. Veteran Maine journalist and MaineBiz senior writer Jim McCarthy was out for a walk in downtown Portland when he came upon what he called “this moment of drama” at the recognizable Time […]

The city of Courtland: Maine’s biggest berg faces legal challenges on multiple fronts


Anyone following Portland news right now knows that the city has been sued recently both for its ordinance preventing people from standing in the median strips and for denying a citizens’ petition that would have jeopardized its sale of Congress Square Park to private hotel developers. We’ve got plenty in the archives on both of […]