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Experience the Titanic — without sinking — in Portland

The Titanic (courtesy of Portland Science Center)

The world’s most heavy-handed metaphor is coming to Portland. (I stole that tag line from my colleague, Dan.) The Titanic. It’s one of history’s most famous maritime disasters and a ship whose name has come to be an instantly recognizable euphemism for arrogance and failure to plan ahead. In case there’s anyone reading this who […]

Landmark downtown Portland grocery store the last of a dying breed

Paul's Food Center (Google Street View)

Portland television station WCSH 6 broke the news Thursday evening on a story that a number of us area journalists have been poking around on for about a week: The building that houses landmark downtown grocery store Paul’s Food Center is being sold. The buyers, we ultimately found out, were a pair of LLCs led […]

Minimum wage, national chains and the next mayor: What a survey of local business owners tells us about Portland

Portland's Commercial Street. (BDN photo by Seth Koenig)

Portland Buy Local, an collaborative organization made up of locally owned Portland businesses, recently surveyed its members to gauge sentiment in that community on a range of topics. And the results, released today, are very interesting. One hundred and three businesses took the survey, more than half of which were retail or restaurant/hospitality businesses. Here’s […]