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A West Coast investigation could provide clues about the mystery barge in Portland

mystery ship

In case you missed it, the tech website C|Net published an interesting investigation today into a top secret project Senior Writer Daniel Terdiman believes is being undertaken by Google in San Francisco Bay. The oddly industrial, square-shaped thing floating out there between ‘Frisco and Oakland, Terdiman writes, is likely a floating data center for the […]

Ink & Pine podcast: South Portland’s anti-tar sands oil ordinance


In the previous editions of our Ink & Pine podcast, Maine Digital Press President Dan Bodoff and I were joined by guests who helped us drill down on the Affordable Care Act and a proposed marijuana legalization referendum in Portland. This time around, we tackled another potentially complicated issue, South Portland’s Waterfront Protection Ordinance, a […]

What’s the mystery structure on the barge? A submarine drydock? The Borg?

mystery ship

Nobody’s willing to say what’s in the box-shaped four-story structure that arrived by barge at Cianbro’s Rickers Wharf Marine Facility in Portland last night, nor will anybody divulge who commissioned its construction or why. Folks who know for sure, like Cianbro CEO Peter Vigue, won’t say, passing along only that the project is “very important,” […]

Don’t let your boat relieve itself in Casco Bay

Memorial Day weekend — and for some, the start of boating season — is upon us. That means folks are getting their boats unwrapped and prepared to hit the water again. It also means the environmental organization Friends of Casco Bay is almost ready to provide low-cost pumpout service to boat owners, traveling up and […]