Why is everybody leaving City Hall? It’s complicated

Former Portland City Manager Mark Rees (BDN photo by Seth Koenig)

Acting Portland City Manager Sheila Hill-Christian announced last week she’s leaving to take a job as the assistant city manager of Cincinnati. Hill-Christian would have been a frontrunner to be named Portland’s permanent city manager if she’d wanted to be (she didn’t), and she seemingly remains widely liked and respected in the city despite having been […]

Portland to consider expanding, privatizing homeless shelter

Portland's Oxford Street Homeless Shelter. (BDN photo by Troy R. Bennett)

The Portland City Council on Monday night agreed to study consolidating, expanding and privatizing the city’s Oxford Street Homeless Shelter, currently Maine’s largest and only municipally run shelter. The word “privatizing” often brings to mind situations where governments hand over the management of public institutions to private corporations, under the auspice that the corporations can […]