Sasquatch search has been renewed in Durham, and ‘Survivor’ Bob is on the case


I know what you’re saying. “But this blog is called ‘Seth and the City!’ There’s nothing ‘and the City’ about Sasquatch, and there’s certainly nothing ‘and the City’ about Durham!” And you’re probably also saying: “Hey, I thought John Holyoke was the only BDN writer allowed to blog about wildlife mysteries!” Well, tough, everyone. I’m […]

Hey Google, Maine’s not giving you any of these mystery barge permitting problems. Why not build them all here?

google barge

The saga of the Google barges continues. The latest news in the tale of the confounding, floating, four-story structures comes out of San Francisco, where government officials have reportedly given their local version of the project extra scrutiny and are saying the technology giant doesn’t have the appropriate permits to build a barge-based showroom in […]

Former USM student posts viral classified ad after seeing woman he married for three days in 1989 on a busy NY train

(Reuters file photo by Eric Thayer)

… or did he? A supposed Craigslist post, under “missed connections,” tells a Hollywood-like tale of a boy who transferred from the University of Southern Maine to New York University in 1989, had a whirlwind romance with a fellow student in the big city, got temporarily married on a bet, and then lost contact with […]