Personal trainer blows by her fundraiser goal, works out for three-plus hours

Here’s an update on Theresa Saxton, who I wrote about a few weeks ago. Saxton, owner of Fitness Success Personal Training in Yarmouth, held a unique “Train the Trainer” fundraiser at her studio, in which clients of hers — or anyone who wanted to donate — buy up exercises that she’d then have to perform during a Saturday morning workout.

She hoped to raise about $1,500 for the Alzheimer’s Association of Maine, but as it turned out, a lot of people wanted to see her sweat. I guess that’s what happens when you turn up the resistance on peoples’ exercise bikes enough times. Payback’s a… good fundraiser, apparently.

Saxton reported this week that her Dec. 1 event raised about $5,300 and put her to work for more than three hours doing a variety of strenuous exercises. Read about Saxton’s personal story in facing her mom’s Alzheimer’s and the details of her fundraiser here.

Check out a few pics of Theresa working out below:

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