A Thanksgiving double serving of Ink & Pine: How to stay healthy and vacation in Nova Scotia

There’s no better time to have a little backlog in podcast listening than on a day when you’ll have lots of kitchen work or driving (depending on whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving or not) to do.

So we decided to save our latest two episodes to pass along this morning, and they’re both great (as you’ve come to expect).

In one episode, we bring back BDN Health Editor Jackie Farwell, who has spent some time in recent weeks consulting with Maine dietitians and nutritionists on the topic of holiday feasting — and how to make sure you don’t careen too far off your health and fitness goals.

You can do it without swearing off the celebrations altogether, and by the time you get around to setting those New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight, you won’t just be basically breaking even. (Click here for that episode.)

In another episode, we talk to BDN Business Editor Whit Richardson, who we’ve been anxious to get on the air for a long time. With Whit, we look ahead to spring and the scheduled return of the Nova Scotia ferry.

That’s been all through the news lately with the signing of an official deal between the province of Nova Scotia and the Eliot-based ferry service that will take passengers back and forth.

Whit helps us work through the numbers (How many passengers are expected, anyway? It’s a more complicated question than it sounds on its face…), what people can do aboard the ferry and how realistic the May 1 deadline is to get the service started. (Click here for that episode.)

If you subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, you have these episodes on your mobile device already, and all you have to do is fire it up and listen while puttering in the kitchen. If you don’t click through the links above and get to the downloads that way.

As I say every week, Ink & Pine is a product of the BDN’s partnership with Maine Digital Press and The Forecaster in which we talk with subject matter experts about news and issues facing Portland and Greater Portland. Past programs have been about sea level rise, Portland’s connections to the World Series Champion Red Sox and how to eat hyper-locally.

If you plan to be driving or cooking for more than an hour or so today, and you’ve already caught up on the back episodes of Ink & Pine, check out some of the other Maine Digital Press podcasts on Maine music and pop culture, among other topics.

Seth Koenig

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