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New leadership credited with overcoming impasse on long-stalled firefighter contract

Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling and City Councilor Belinda Ray trumpeted the role of new leadership Friday afternoon in the announcement that the local firefighters’ union has agreed to a contract with the city. The deal is newsworthy, in part, because the previous contract expired more than two years ago, and talks between city negotiators and […]

South Portland police find the ‘Elf on the Shelf.’ Kind of…

In case you don’t have children — or any access to social media — the “Elf on the Shelf” has become a bit of a Christmastime craze in recent years. The gist is this: During the weeks leading up to Christmas, parents place the signature elf doll in various places around the house after the […]

Homeless Portland man records emotional video message in hopes of reuniting with sister

The Portland Police Department posted a note on its Facebook page from the founder of the organization Miracle Messages, which is traveling the country recording short video messages of homeless people seeking to reunite with estranged loved ones. The group circulates the messages on social media in hopes of finding those family members and re-establishing those […]

Report: Female attorneys asked to take off their bras before being allowed into Portland jail to see clients

The Portland Press Herald’s Scott Dolan reported today that some southern Maine lawyers are expressing outrage after officials at the Cumberland County Jail began asking women defense attorneys to take off their underwire bras before entering the facility to see their clients. The underwire bras reportedly have been setting off the jail’s metal detector, and Cumberland County […]